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Influence Map by Cra-ZShaker Influence Map by Cra-ZShaker
All my main influences and favorite artists. :)

1. Glen Keane--I LOVE the Disney princess movies and Glen Keane was involved with most of them,  he was my first influence and is still one of my biggest.

2. Bruce Timm-- Along with Disney I grew up watching Batman TAS, Superman TAS , and both Justice League cartoons; so you could say I kind of worship the guy. ^^

3. Jeff Matsuda--Another important part of my childhood, he did The Batman on WB(back when it was still called WB) I love the sharp, dynamic look of his characters.

4. Michael Turner--The fact that his awesome comic book Fathom hasn't been turned into a movie baffles me. I you haven't read it, I highly recommend it.

5. Jeffery Scott Campbell--Another comic book artist, one which you can find right here on dA. I love how he draws figures.

6. Alessandro Barbucci--He drew the European comics W.I.T.C.H. and Skydoll. What I like most about him is the big expressive eyes he draws.

7. Guillermo del Toro--I love all the crazy creatures he puts in his movies.

8. Arthur Rackham--I already mentioned I love princesses, so how could I not love a fairy tale artist? :)

9. Edmund Dulac--Another great fairy tale artist, while he is similar to Rackham, Dulac's work has some amazing detail in it.

And that's my list, hope you liked it. ^^
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